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The Mexican telenovela actor William Levy right now leads an intriguing family life with his long-lasting sweetheart and children. In spite of being viewed as a motivation for fathers and lovers, the “Cuidado con el” star has his own dark history. Previously, William undermined his wife like accomplice different occasions and at present repeats in his past demonstrations, but regardless he appears to be not able to make a lifetime responsibility to his sweetheart.


William Levy: Cheated Longtime Girlfriend

William Levy’s relationship with his model-sweetheart Elizabeth Gutierrez goes way back to 2003. Currently, the couple is the guardians of two lovable children; a son named Christoper and a daughter, Kailey. In September 2014 when Ximena Navarrete, William’s co-star from the Mexican telenovela “La Tempestad”, revealed that the two were secretly dating.

Likewise, Ximena has also admitted her relationship to some of her dearest companions and said that she was madly in love with William. The disclosure took after the bits of gossip about the Mexican actor cheating the long-term relation that started after the photographs of him and Ximena hanging out in a Miami hotel surfaced the media.

Following the incident, Elizabeth parted ways with her husband in December 2014.  In spite of that, the pair didn’t disclose the explanation behind their split. It was obvious that the trigger was William’s adultery. The couple, in a long time, got back together and continued their romance until 2017 when another episode of William’s past infidelity was revealed.

In any case, that was not really the finish of William’s cheating incident. In 2017, Mexican actor Jacqueline Bracamonte disclosed that she took part in an extramarital affair with William after the featured together in a soap opera in 2009. She specified that William had lied to her about parting ways with Elizabeth and said that he was single at the time. Additionally, Jacqueline included once she found out that her partner was in a relationship and had even fathered a kid, she quickly broke up with him.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth was socked with her boyfriend’s infidelity, she didn’t part ways with him as it was a relic of past and William had promised never to submit these transgressions again.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez along with their kids - Famebytes.com
William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez along with their kids – Famebytes.com

A Happy Family Of Four

William Levy is an aggregate family man dedicating all his time and energy with his girlfriend and children. The sweet family of four frequently plans distinctive activities together. Back in August 2017, William’s children and partner demonstrated their unconditional love for him when they arranged an unexpected birthday party for William. Likewise, William venerates his children and have paraded his love for them through social media for a few events.

His first-born child, Christopher is a productive baseball player and may even take up a profession in the game. On 6 March 2017, William shared an Instagram post in which he specified that Christopher had won a baseball title playing for a neighbourhood group named Clutch Miami and even expressed his concerns as a glad dad. Additionally, William’s little daughter, Kailey is the favourite whom he considers to be his everything. On 6 March 2018, he posted a photo of his youngest child and wished Kailey for her birthday.

William Levy's daughter Kailey - Famebytes.com
William Levy’s daughter Kailey – Famebytes.com

William Levy imparts a loving relationship to Elizabeth, yet the two have not specified their intention of getting hitched. Despite the fact that he proposed to her quite a while before in 2013 on Christmas Eve, the duo has not discussed their plans to getting hitched in the recent times.

This has left numerous thinking about whether William ever intends to make Elizabeth his wife. With some even blaming him for secretly being gay because of his lack of commitment.


Open For Gay Roles; Gay In Real Life?

Frequently, William Levy is called the “Cuban Brad Pitt,” revealed in a 2014 interview with Fox News Latino that he had become sick of being depicted as the strong hunk and needed to do some serious acting. Also, he said that he was open to playing gay roles if the character was significant and inspirational. Whenever inquired as to whether he would execute as a gay man in a movie, William replied,

“I’ll have to see. I’m not against that — not at all. But, it’ll ultimately be up to the script and whether the character shows a depth of emotion and is inspirational.”

Hence, this doesn’t imply that he is gay in real life. It would be crazy even to think that the who cheated his partner with numerous women, would be secretly a gay man hiding in the closet.