Laci Green -
Laci Green -

An American YouTube Star, Laci Green is well known feminist YouTuber, who is dynamic in sex education, feminism, and a gender identity. She began her YouTube channel as the hoppy but later changed into the medium to convey the awareness message. Due to having active in feministic work, she is teamed up with Discovery News, Planned Parenthood and also hosted braless.

On the other hand, when it comes to the taste of the boyfriend, Laci shares the anti-feminist partner. The social media star, who has an attractive audience of more than millions, has her supporters praise her work but had to protect her relationship from commentators.

Laci Green with her boyfriend Chris Ray Maldonado-
Laci Green with her boyfriend Chris Ray Maldonado-


Laci Green Is Dating Anti-Feminist Boyfriend


The famous YouTube star, Laci Green is very much refreshing for her activist nature, however, the entirety of her supporters turned against her when she revealed her romance in 2017 with ant-SJW (Social Justice Worker) YouTuber, Chris Ray Maldonado. While the duo began opening their romantic chapters to the public, they were embarrassed and Laci, who recognizes herself as Pansexual, faced backslash from radical feminists for dating the anti-feminist boyfriend.

Additionally, Laci Green who hosted MTV’s digital series Braless and likewise, she revealed on Twitter that the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) not only debate. Then after, she was assaulted by her supporters for dating somebody with various political convictions, she expressed that no one has the privilege to disclose to her who she can date and to love. Similarly, she warned that it’s her body and her life, so she doesn’t need anybody to interfere with it.

Laci got occupied with the long debate because of her relationship. She withstood through every one of the kickbacks and proceeded with her relationship with her boyfriend. Moreover, the pair praised their one year anniversary. Likewise a political comedian, Chris took to Twitter in May 2018 sharing the snap to his girlfriend spouting about their one year anniversary.

In May 2018, Laci uploaded a video titled “Taking the Red Pill”, in which she stated that she is still a feminist. But, she open to conversation with people from the opposite point of view.


Laci Green’s Multi-Cultural Family

Laci Green was born on 18th October 1989 in Utah. The YouTuber was born to a father, an Iranian Muslim and a Christian mother. She grew up as a Mormon along with two sisters. She relocated to Portland, Oregon when she was just at the age of two with her family. When she reached 12, again the family moved to California. She graduated from the University of California with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and education in 2011.

During her college life, she began to participate in different social movements and later became a certified rape and dating violence instructor. After that, she made YouTube as a medium to aware the young adults about the sex, teen pregnancy, and gender identity.

In addition, Laci has not revealed about his net worth and she has collaborated with Planned Parenthood and universities as a representative of Planned Parenthood. And, her net worth is estimated to be $94 – $1.5k as a monthly earning, which makes her annual earnings to be $1.1K – $18.1K.