Ellissa Barber with her boyfriend Andy Tongren - Famebytes.com
Ellissa Barber with her boyfriend Andy Tongren - Famebytes.com

The Fox News reporter, Ellison Barber has been giving her abilities a chance to talk be it working for WUSA9 or being the CBS affiliate or even working for Fox. However, the talks of the highly skilled reporter don’t end there. She had focused on getting married on the jeans, raising her words against the Washington Post tweet about the measurements American spent on their wedding. Ellison is only the daughter in the family who isn’t even dating let alone getting married. But, with the romantic pictures with her boyfriend, she seemed to be ready to walk down the path.


Ellison Barber: desire to Get Married On Jeans

The American journalist, Ellison Barber has been dating since 2016, with the musician Andy Tongren. However, she keeps her relationship low-profile. She shares the short video with her boyfriend for the first time to the Instagram in July 2016 specifying the video to be “modern romance”. Since then, the couple has been including in each other’s Instagram.

Although their romance began in 2016, the couple has been sharing the romance for two years but, they haven’t talked how their romance got the flame yet. Andy flaunted that the year 2016 would not be great if Ellie had not entered into his life.

Ellison Barber's boyfriend Andy shared about his relationship - Famebytes.com
Ellison Barber’s boyfriend Andy shared about his relationship – Famebytes.com

Additionally, with their busy schedule, the couple managed their chance and time for their work. The couple shares a similitude as both of the couples loves the dog and their love for dogs have bought them closer. Ellison, shared a snap with her boyfriend on October 2016 writing, “We’re going to come home with so many dogs.” But on the 2017’s Valentine Day, the duo wasn’t together. Hence, she spouted that she missed him more than on Christmas.

Ellison, who conferred that she wouldn’t spend the money on the wedding dress on 2015, rather would be happily get hitched on the jeans. Likewise, the couple indicated their wedded relationship, yet the inscription cleared that they were simply going to the wedding ceremony. Ellison took to Instagram on September 2017 with the adorable picture where the black-matched couple stood on their best posture with a glass of wine on Andy’s hand, which appeared as though they are celebrating their wedding day.

Ellison played a little joke with the subtitle as she initially composed that, people like got married this weekend! Then turning the exciting plate, she bracketed that, they were not the bride and groom, they just attended someone’s wedding.


Ellison Barber’s Sister Welcomes Baby

Ellison Barber was born on 20th October 1989 in Atlanta Georgia and she has graduated from the Walford College with the Bachelor in English in 2012. As, the eldest daughter, she has a younger sister who recently welcomed the baby daughter to the family. Furthermore, she is spotted over-whelmed by the introduction of her niece. Likewise, she is doing the aunty-ing stuff as she took to Instagram with the adorable pictures of the little baby. She shared the glimpse of her niece on 22nd June 2018, on the fifth days of her birth.

The glad auntie, who got the best birthday cake for her sister’s husband, was determined to have Melanoma which also prompts skin cancer at 28 years old. With the support of his family and friends, she has fully recovered from the disease and is fully fired up with the work. Likewise, Ellison is going to be the cook on TV FOX News. She took to Instagram on 7th June 2018, sharing the adorable pictures with her mother writing:

“this is me, my mom, and a monkey.

We are going to be cooking on TV tomorrow… my mom and I, not the monkey, unfortunately, he’s busy.


With the age of 28, she appeared to have achieved the marital age, that is the thing that her followers think. Over it, her kin sister also got hitched, which as far as anyone knows conveys her next in the line to get married. Be that as it may, Ellison herself is yet to answer the million-dollar question. It appears she has a strong family who is credited for her profession which has achieved the stature of prevalence. She started her profession as a staff author for the page The Washington Free Beacon as the columnist on the United States Congress. She began working with the Fox News since 2017.

Ellison Barber average salary is in between of $79 K to $86K, so with her astonishing career with the Fox, she may earn a bit high than the average salary, which might be benefitted her unrevealed net worth.