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Jinkx Monsoon - Famebytes.com

Drag entertainer, Jinkx Monsoon turned out as triumphant in the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race held in 2013. Later Jinkx turned into a commonly recognized name after they made another show and furthermore included their son on the series. Frequently kidding about their love life, Jinkx has made fans to wonder about their dating status and in the event that they have a boyfriend or not.


Cool Mom’s Jinkx Monsoon Of A Gay Son

Jinkx Monsoon with her on screen son Nick Sahoyah - Famebytes.com
Jinkx Monsoon with her on-screen son Nick Sahoyah – Famebytes.com

Jinkx, who plays itself in the drag indicate Cool Mom with Jinkx Monsoon, has a twisted relationship with her on-screen child. The show, which depends on Jinkx and its 29-year-old gay son, Nick Sahoyah. The series depends on the onscreen mother and son’s weird discussions identified with points like hook-ups, smoking weed and more.

Despite the fact that Jinkx and Nick are parent and kid just in the show, it appears as though Jinkx has taken strategy acting to a new level as they frequently present Nick as their child even beyond the camera. Jinkx routinely includes Nick on their social media and has committed a few posts towards him. Jinkx, who thinks about their fake son as the family, posted a photo of the two on 28 March 2016 and called it “armpit fetish shoot” as Nick could be seen bringing his arms up noticeable all around.

Further, on 14 May 2017, Jinkx posted another tweet specifying that they had a beautiful mother’s day. Aside from their relationship with onscreen son, Jinkx continually jokes about their love life and wish of having a boyfriend.


Jokes About Getting Married; Wishes For Boyfriend

Jinkx, who distinguishes as a trans and a non-paired, is known to joke about their dating life oftentimes. On 15 February 2013, Jinkx said that they had gone to a matchmaker to find a suitable partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day and was matched to drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck, but shockingly, Alaska was at that point in a relationship with Sharon Needles.

Later, Jinkx posted on 10 July 2015 that they were going to get hitched to comedian Ed Gamble and even joked that his girlfriend had just allowed for them to wed. In desperation to discover a boyfriend, they posted on 9 December 2015 that they didn’t want to be single but was excessively lazy to work on getting a boyfriend. They wrote in the tweet,

“I don’t wanna be single anymore. But I also don’t want to go through all the work of getting a boyfriend. How do lazy people find love?”

Jinkx, who ages 30, is still single and because of their absence of effort, they may have to stay single and unmarried for a long time. Meanwhile, the drag entertainer has a wild visit ahead. They are booked to perform in various cities around Europe and America including London, Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow, California, and Toronto in October 2018. With such a bustling calendar, Jinkx probably won’t have much time to centre around their own life.