Chris Potoski with his wife Tracey Livermore aka Brandi Love -
Chris Potoski with his wife Tracey Livermore aka Brandi Love -

Chris Potoski probably won’t be a very famous name in the adult industry, yet without his help and inspiration, his wife would not have been the top rated actress which she has progressed toward becoming. The couple together defeated a few obstacles in their lives and are now struggling hard for the advantage of their local.

Chris and his wife of over two decades have demonstrated to the world that professional life can’t hamper a relationship when two individuals are genuinely in love.


Chris Potoski’s Long-Lasting Married Life Blessed With Massive Net Worth And Daughter

Chris Potoski has been engaged with an open marriage to his long-lasting partner. He wedded his wife, Tracey Livermore aka Brandi Love on 10 February 1995.

Additionally, the couple is a business partner and began a business named Grapevine Greetings, which designs custom labels for wine bottles. At the point when Chris endured a heart attack because of his constant travelling and stressful work in the early 2000s, the doctor advised the partners to think of an alternate career. As both of two had associations in the adult industry, Chris and his wife thought of making porn recordings.

The couple began by shooting adult recordings where they would perform sexual acts on camera and upload it to Tracey’s site. In 2008, she got an offer from Naughty America and moved to Los Angeles from their home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In the meantime, Chris Potoski, who age 46, has work maintaining an adult entertainment business called No Rivals Media. Chris’ profile reveals that he has even established an organization called Tracey Jordan properties where he takes up the activity as the Chief Operating Officer. Chris and his wife presently appreciate a total asset of $8 million and daughter.

Together the three are a happy and content family. As on 10 February 2018, the long-term partners celebrated their 23 years marriage anniversary. Tracey, age 45, even posted a tweet to mark the event and expressed her undying love towards Chris. She wrote in the tweet,

“It’s a beautiful day. Sick or not we celebrate 23 amazing years of marriage. I feel like the luckiest woman alive! #Anniversary”

Nonetheless, their lavish life may not be what it shows up at first glance as Chris and Tracey’s hitched life has been subject to steady battles.


Chris Potoski ‘s Struggles Amid Negativity And Hate

Chris Potoski and his wife have confronted huge disdain from the alleged so-called people, who have nothing to do other than scrutinize Tracey for earning a living and trying to anchor a better future for her daughter.

A few years back, when Chris and his wife were on an excursion for work to New York, the couple received a panic-stricken call from their babysitter. Evidently, some judgemental social workers had entered their home situated in Raleigh, North Carolina searching for any inappropriate material and furthermore attempting to interview their daughter.

Later turned out Chris and Tracey’s family had referred to about her job as a porn actress from her interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, so they wanted their grandchild to be far from the vulgarity. Despite the fact that nothing foul was found in the couple’s home, they knew that the incident may happen once more. In this way, they had a go at employing a legal advisor, however, were dismissed by about 20 firms before one of those acknowledged to deal with their case.

Goaded by the view of the lawyers towards the people working in the adult industry, Chris said to the Daily News,

“I would ask lawyers, So you represent people in murder cases? You represent people in rape cases? But you’re not willing to represent someone who works in a legal industry? That’s shocking.”

Following the occurrence with the Lawyers, Chris even built up a site called “Parents In Adult” which hires lawyers hoping to represent the people engaged with the porn film industry. He said that the site was set up to furnish adult –entertainment workers with better parenting tips.

“Our goal with Parents In Adult is to provide resources for parents in the adult industry and information on how to become a better parent,”

Together, the couple is attempting to improve an economic status for individuals working in the porn films. Furthermore, as a famous person’s mother had stated, “No work is inferior, and there is no religion greater than work.”