Alessandra Mastronardi -
Alessandra Mastronardi -

The celebrity relationship gossips are a source of entertainment for their fans and supporters. Because of which the celebs get connected to different relationship bits of gossip. Additionally, the speculations get energized when these superstars like to hold their love life under the wraps and demand keeping up a low-key profile. Among the casualties of media gossips; Italian actress, Alessandra Mastronardi name may be on the highest priority on the rundown. Alessandra, who is known for her part in the film To Rome with Love, has been followed alongside a few dating bits of gossip from the sensationalist newspapers.


Alessandra Mastronardi’s Dreamlike Relationships History

For Alessandra Mastronardi, who is known for her part in the TV series “Master of None”, her love life onscreen some way or another transforms into genuine sentiment. While many must be gossipy, yet some are genuine relationships. Alessandra was already supposed to share romance to Matteo Branciamore, her boyfriend in the “Cesaroni” series, with who she showed up in the music video of “Stai Bene Come Stai” by the band, “Le Mani”.

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While her love for Matteo was never confirmed, romance for the 32-year-old actress goes as an inseparable unit on the set and, in actuality. It has been reported for that she was involved in a relationship with Eros Galbiati. The affairs, which ended up open during the running of the show demonstrate “The Prozac Family”, was fleeting and the couple isolated with no earlier notice.

Later in 2008, she built up a romantic relationship with Vinicio Marchioni, whom she met on the arrangement of “Romanzo Criminale”. There were even reports that the duo had gotten engaged. However, the engagement was never affirmed. Rather, they went separate ways not long after the news of their engagement surfaced. Additionally, Alessandra became involved in a loving relationship with director/actor, Liam McMahon. She met him on the arrangements of “Titanic: Blood and Steel” and soon the couple became exclusive.

The Italy-conceived performer and her chief sweetheart were going strong in their relationship, and soon enough Alessandra was given a ring as the couple got ready for engagement. She even moved to London to live with Liam, and together the couple likewise raised a cat.

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While Alessandra’s supporters were anticipating seeing her getting married, the duo stunned the well-wishers with their surprising separation. The couple went separate ways without uncovering any purposes behind their split. Additionally, Alessandra appears to have discovered another love interest.


Alessandra Mastronardi: Discovered New Love

Regardless of having a past filled with fizzled relationship, Alessandra hasn’t abandoned love right now. Lately, she has discovered her new love interest, and by its looks, the pair may go far.

Alessandra Mastronardi with her boyfriend Ross Mccall at Rosegold party -
Alessandra Mastronardi with her boyfriend Ross Mccall at Rosegold party –

Currently, Alessandra is dating Ross McCall, a Scottish actor best referred to for his role as T-5 Joseph Liebgott in HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers”. The couple initially showed up in July 2018. The match seemed together in Sardinia at the Rosegold Party which was a charity event in Porto Cervo. And, by the looks of it they to be comfortable in each other’s company. Seeing Alessandra proceed onward with love, her followers are abundantly excited for her to locate a flawless spouse and get hitched soon. But appears for Alessandra marriage is certifiably not a current affair of interest.